Who We Are

Paving the way for new opportunities in the valley, LoudBeetle.in is an innovative step taken towards creating something new. LoudBeetle.in is an Event Organizing Company which seeks to introduce a new dimension in the era of Event Organizing in the state. LoudBeetle.in foresees a vibrant change with its pioneering platform and promises to live up to its mantra, which says “Believe in Excellence and strive in making things worth it.”

A young organization made of hard working individuals, full of faith, belief, vision, determination and dedication, LoudBeetle.in hopes to make all things possible just because we believe in what we do.

At LoudBeetle.in, we believe in keeping dreams alive.

Our Journey

Kashmir Festival 2013 award by J&K Tourism.


I got to know about LoudBeetle.in through facebook when a friend shared a link. and being a gaming freak it caught my attention. Went to the event and i have to say it was a new begining for such things in Kashmir. Wish you luck LoudBeetle.in. Keey entertaining us.
- Talat Parvez